Organic growth on your social media channels is the only way to expand your tribe and harvest your long term reputation online. By giving your audience relevant updates about your business, your team and your professional successes you can develop a following that is invested and engaged with your purpose and mission. Here are 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts when it comes to social media. 


  • Do build and use a content calendar!

Don’t make the mistake of posting randomly and thinking, “oh, I’ll get to a post later today”. If you don’t have a stable calendar of content you’re more likely to miss a day of posting or forget to capture relevant content in the moment. If you’ve planned a big event or there’s a milestone for your business, having this marker in a content calendar means that you can assign this task and create accountability in your organization to get the post created and scheduled. 

  • Do have someone or a team dedicated to creating content!

While in the moment content capture is critical to maintaining the life and liveliness of your channels make sure you leave the posting and the creation to the professionals. You’ll want to make sure your captions, taglines, and use of emojis are handled by professionals and that you’re accurate as well as relevant when using these platforms. You don’t want an errant emoji to throw off your audience! Posting consistently on social media is time consuming and you have more to give to your business in what you’re good at rather than spending hours trying to get out posts on social media.

  • Do make sure your posting is consistent and genuine!

Having a content calendar is excellent, having genuine content that is dripped to your feed is golden. Social media users know when you’re selling to them or posting content just to post. On your feeds maintain a genuine interest in what you find important, interesting and exciting and people will buy into your passion and reflect that with likes, shares and comments. Even if you’re scheduling or have a team developing content with and for you make sure they have captured your voice and your message. Organic social media is personal and unique!


  • Don’t sell sell sell on your social media channels!

While the temptation may be there for you to constantly push a deal or an offer on your social media channels, resist this temptation. If you want to market use paid ads on these channels. This gives users the option to choose the type of content they want to engage in on your feeds and you don’t come across as only interested in the sale. Your social channels should be filled with relevant content that develops you as a thought leader and enriches your audience. You’re much more likely to get sales if you’re known as the thought leader in your sphere. 

  • Don’t post or share content that is only of interest to you!

While the temptation on social media is to engage in all kinds of debate resist the temptation to turn you channels into interest battlegrounds. These channels are your opportunity to take with and share relevant content to and for YOUR AUDIENCE. Don’t always post things that are relevant to you. If you’re a doctor’s office specializing in a type of surgery, don’t always post about this surgery, the clients you serve or best practices, post about nutrition or exercise or other relevant topics of interest in the general sphere to your audience. Users will become engaged and are more likely to interact with your content and remember you for that article than one that touts your patients progress.

  • Don’t give up on social media!

Organic social media content is similar to SEO. This is the ground game. You’re looking to gain a few yards each play. You’ll rarely score a long touchdown with social media content but you’re advancing the ball towards the end zone for every user who comes in contact with your pieces of content. Remember that, social media isn’t set and forget and it’s not a one time try. You have to be consistent and you have to do it. There’s no other option. You have to post consistently and you have to post, at least for now, as long as the platforms exist to stay relevant and top of mind with your audience and customer base. 

If you have questions about social media, paid ads or digital marketing, reach out to me at I look forward to helping you reach your target customers more effectively in the digital space!