As marketers we tend to focus our attention on what we know works, we have experience with in the past and where the most opportunity exists for our clients to see ROI. In today’s changing world of user preference, newer social media channels like Pinterest or Snapchat are often overlooked as viable channels to market products especially in the e-commerce space. I strongly recommend researching these types of channels to boost your brand exposure and to capture new potential audiences who may be fleeing the larger social media platforms. Here are 3 keys to advertising products on Pinterest.

  • Optimize your Pinterest SEO!

According to Neil Patel, 96% of all Pinterest users regularly research product information on the platform. 87% of users have purchased a product they saw on Pinterest. Pinterest is a search engine not just a social listing platform. This means you can and should include relevant keywords on your product listings, your page and in your Ads. Make sure you spend the time researching your target audiences, what their trigger words are and what words are trending for your products, your competitors and your industry before blasting out your advertising! Doing this research will reap you benefits in the long run and help you capture more market share with customers.

  • Use different types or campaigns and pins!

This is huge! Pinterest offers a variety of different types of pins and campaigns for you to mix and match your advertising efforts. This is where you’ll need to get creative! Sit with your team or a creative marketer to decide how best to present your product. One tap pins, or video pins might be your best bet and will give your audience an opportunity to interact with your brand in a variety of different ways with different mediums. This is huge because here you can test different pieces of creative to learn more about your audience and what resonates with their interests. Don’t forget, a platform like Pinterest may be the perfect social platform to build brand awareness for your product or service while you nurture your audience to take action with Ads on Google or Facebook.

  • Use a highest bid testing model!

Many times, business owners are concerned about spend on an Ad platform because they don’t know if they’re spending too much or too little too get traction. With a platform like Pinterest, you can actually run initial tests to get an idea of exactly what the bidding strategy should be and what the landscape looks like when it comes to overall spend. Pinterest uses a secondary bidding structure meaning that you will only pay for a click a little higher than the last competitor bid for the slot meaning if you set a ridiculously high bid of $5.00 for a click you wouldn’t pay that if the last bid was $2.00. You’d pay something close to $2.00 and then you’d know that’s what the highest click is valued at for your targeting structure. From there, you can make better informed decisions about how you want to run your campaigns and you’ll gain valuable insights into what bids are worth to reach your target audience.

If you’re ready to create Ads and drive ROI, we can help! Reach out to me at I look forward to helping you reach your target customers more effectively in the digital space!