You’re all ready to go! You’ve built your audiences and you have set your spend limits. Now comes the final step. Creating your ads! But you’re not a creative. How do you create a performing Ad? What are the keys to keep in mind? Here are 3 keys to follow when creating Ads for a platform like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Social Platforms Want Images and Video!

To make things much easier for the marketer today, the social platforms have been moving away from designed images to stunning photography and video as the best practice when it comes to digital Ads. This doesn’t mean that your graphics team is obsolete it just means that there are more options for the business owner and marketer now in terms of the type of mediums available to use online. If you are a business owner that doesn’t have a creative team, focus on using high quality product imagery or video to convey the visual portion of your message. This allows you to capture the audience’s attention and focus them to the text portion of your advertisement. Facebook is now severely limiting the amount of text in images so it’s a best practice to stay away from text in images as much as possible.

  • Keep your Ads simple!

Don’t try to cram every last detail about your sale or your product into the Ad. If you have a lot to say or multiple products to market, make a set of Ads or a campaign to roll out for a few days or weeks to build audience engagement. This is critical in developing your audience and meeting the guidelines when it comes to Facebook’s Ads Manager. Focus your calls to action in your copy and keep the text short. Users have a limited attention span when scrolling and your interruptive Ad placement has to feel as little like an advertisement and more like content they want to consume. The best Ads are one that draw the user in to want to learn more about the product and service from a position of lowering their resistance and disarming them along the way. Focus on the why and not the how and you’ll get more engagement in no time!

  • Leave it to the professionals!

Ultimately, if you want to create performing campaigns on a channel like Facebook or Instagram, leave the creative work to the professionals. Even if you’re adept at running campaigns from a technical level, I have seen numerous campaigns fail because of the copy and content of the visuals simply falling flat. Often times, business owners are an expert in a technical field or someone that has a different mindset than their consumer. It’s important to have people who think and consume like your audience produce graphics and copy that resonates with them. This doesn’t mean you should be blind to the process! It’s important for the business owner or decision maker to be involved and provide guidance where necessary. A healthy collaboration of the different aspects of marketing is important to reach an end result that brings a return on investment.

If you’re ready to create Ads and drive ROI, we can help! Reach out to me at I look forward to helping you reach your target customers more effectively in the digital space!