Your website is the heart of your digital campaigns as well as your calling card for your business. Users must be able to define your message simply and learn your value instantly. Gone are the days of loading up a web page with text and hoping for SEO results. Design plays a critical role in how your audience views not only the sophistication of your business but your ability to meet their needs. Here are 3 powerful keys to designing your website.

  • Simple is powerful!

When designing or working with a design team to build out or refresh your website you want to focus on simplicity. Many users won’t even take the time to scroll halfway down your main page and design is moving towards single page home pages or pages that have individual panes for users to experience the website both in a linear fashion and through a navigation bar. You want to make sure your value proposition is clearly stated on your homepage (main page) and that people know what it is you do, why and how almost instantaneously. Video is making an emergence on homepages as a way to do all 3 of those things swiftly and accurately.

  • Make sure your site is responsive!

I can’t say enough how many times I see websites that are good from a desktop perspective but when you try to view them on mobile, they are a horrible mess. Often times, a design team focuses on what the website will look like optimized for larger screens but neglect the fact that 60-70% of users are now using mobile devices (Ipads and tablets are considered mobile!) to view websites and information about businesses. If you don’t make sure that the message you’re communicating is optimized for all screen sizes you could be missing out on huge opportunities for leads and sales. Have you team test your design on multiple platforms and even have your friends pick up a device in the building phase and see what the site looks like before signing off on the project.

  • Make sure you have your messaging down!

Often times business owners feel that a website refresh is all it takes to get their business into the game. However, a brilliantly designed site that confuses users with messaging that doesn’t fit your demographic or uses dated terms too clunky for younger audiences will repel the very customers you’re looking to attract. If you’re in the market to upgrade your website, you should also consider revisiting your strategic positioning statements and your brand messaging. These two exercises go hand-in-hand with great design and will ensure that you’re delivering the complete package to your audience which in turn will leave you confident in your front facing approach to new business. You wouldn’t open up a brick and mortar business and get your signage wrong, would you? Take the extra time and effort to make sure your messaging is correct and you’ll reap the rewards of referrals and new business.

If you have questions or want to have your website re-designed, reach out to me at I look forward to helping you reach your target customers more effectively in the digital space!