In today’s world, video content marketing is the most powerful medium you have available to you to market your products and services. Many platforms have even begun to change their algorithms to favor visual assets in their streams to promote more universally consumable content. As a business owner, you must make sure you are promoting your business with visual media. Here are 3 mistakes business owners make when producing visual assets for their websites and Ads!

  • No story or call to action!

Perhaps the biggest mistake that business owners make is that there is no cohesive message or call to action associated with their visual asset. Consumers value story in Ads and as platforms like Facebook and Spotify look to promote brands internally this is all part of getting ahead of the competition. Remember, users don’t care about what’s important to you they are focused on their needs and wants. Your ads must speak to a relatable mission and vision that your consumers identify with and will take action on. Make sure you weave an engaging story and you tell your consumers what you want them to do when they are finished consuming your visual media.

  • Poor Quality

This should be a dealbreaker for most business owners but unfortunately it’s not. You are better off choosing a different medium than putting out a poorly created visual asset. This includes audio as well as video portions of your media. In addition, make sure that you have subtitles for platforms that require or favor hearing-impaired media so that you encompass all the options for your visual media to success. And don’t forget your script and your actors if you have live action in your shots. If you don’t want to direct or produce live action shots, opt for animations or infographic style films which can boost your message. Remember, it’s better to be simple rather than complex! Focus on your message and your audience and produce a memory rather than creating a longer spot with more technical direction that falls flat.

  • Disregarding SEO and Cross Platform Marketing

When creating visual assets, many business owners neglect to include in their scripts and targeting relevant cross platform marketing as well as SEO optimization both in the script and the tagging for visual assets. Make sure you research relevant keywords to include in your scripting as well as making sure that when posting visual assets you tag the correct channels as well as individuals involved in the production. Another key area to focus on is where your visual assets will be posted and what the best channel is for you to reach your audience. Produce your visual media with this in mind to maximize your coverage and ensure the right audience is consuming your content. Don’t produce something that isn’t correctly formatted or the right length for your consumers preferred channel!

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