I recently posted about the power of email marketing and the fact that email marketing isn’t dead in today’s marketing world. According to Hubspot, “73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.” This is a huge stat! Since millennials will soon make up the biggest online consumer base don’t miss out on your chance to nurture new and existing customers with the tried and true channel of email. Just make sure you don’t make these mistakes when running campaigns!

  • Not optimizing for mobile!

This might be the simplest but one of the most overlooked mistake when it comes to email marketing. Often times, a business owner will use an email marketing system that either doesn’t have responsive templates or just neglect to check that setting in their provider when sending out a campaign. They build a beautiful looking email that shows up well on a desktop but forget that, “By 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales.” Don’t forget to check how your email looks on a mobile device, using the preview option, your template is responsive and that your campaign will accomplish your goals before you send!

  • Not testing subject lines accurately/properly!

This is a very common mistake business owners make when sending email. Instead of having patience to let tests mature and to accurately collect data, business owners and inexperienced marketers often test for multiple factors or variables in subject lines or body content tests. Don’t make this mistake! If you want to run a true A/B test, do just that and actually test for 1 variable! Whether, that’s a different offer amount or a different introductory word, stick with it, run your test and then track and measure your results. The same applies for tracking differences in responses for audience segmentation. If you’re A/B testing segments of data, make sure you’re not sending multiple subject lines. Test for one variable and then re-test to gain further information. It may take you longer to understand the behaviors and interests of your audience, but this time is well spent as it will ingratiate you to your audience and ultimately produce more sales for you in the long run.

  • Abandoning/Neglecting email as a consistent marketing program!

This pitfall that many business owners fall into truly makes me sad. Many times in the beginning stages of running a business tactical marketing tasks like email marketing may fall out of “priority” tasks for the day or week, and in bigger businesses, a sense of, email isn’t necessary since we have customers, can set in. Both are not healthy places to be in your marketing journey. You need to have consistent control of your message and utilize every opportunity to grow and nurture your subscriber base. The biggest roadblock I hear to email marketing is time. The next closest competitor is lack of skill. These are certainly valid concerns! The best way for a small or medium sized company to be successful when messaging their potential customers is to leave it to the professionals. Whether you hire an in-house person to take care of this or work with a group of experts at an agency, don’t leave the team out to dry, place unrealistic expectations on them or isolate their efforts from your overall sales or marketing efforts. Make sure your messaging is consistent and they are brought into the larger conversation. The more collaboration you create among your sales and marketing professionals, the bigger gains and rewards you will have long term as you grow your revenue!

If you have questions about email marketing, paid ads, social media, or digital marketing, reach out to me at john@bluecomet.media. I look forward to helping you reach your target customers more effectively in the digital space!